Nuclear Power Plants

Nuclear energy is a type of energy obtained from the nucleus of the atom. And a nuclear facility is, a nuclear power where one or more nuclear reactors use radioactive materials as fuel. And also electrical energy and heat energy are produced from those energy resources.

So what is the use of nuclear energy for us or how useful is it? First of all, using nuclear energy makes our job easier. Second of all, nuclear power facilities emits much less carbon dioxide than the other facilities or technologies that generates electricity much easier with using coal, oil or natural gas. In other way, since the nuclear power resources have less such as plants, greenhouse gas emissions, their effects on global warming are lower.

The first nuclear facility and also the first nuclear reactor in the world was established in 1942 in Illinois, Chicago, United States, the project conducted by Enrico Fermi. The first electricity produced using fission was obtained at the Experimental Generative Reactor in Idaho, Arco, in December 1951.

So what is the working principle of the nuclear facilities? At the heart of the reactor which operates in direct reaction without the aid of propellers, uranium is used as the main material. Large amounts of are released after the fragmentation of uranium. After that, uranium undergoes a fission into two or more nucleic reaction.

So what is the security systems of the nuclear facilities? The most important one is Reactor Protection System. It is designed to terminate the nuclear reaction. The second most important one is Blocking Systems. They are designed to prevent the release of the radioactive materials into the environment.

         Leaks are possible in nuclear power plants. But thanks to the security systems, it is very unlikely to happen.

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