Nuclear power is the use of nuclear reactions to produce electricity by heat energy. It is the most economical way to produce electricity because a nuclear power can produce electricity bigger than it’s field .It does not release  carbon dioxide to environment so it doesn’t affect on  greenhouse effect.When a country has a nuclear power their external dependence decreases. Of course it  has disadvantages, too. Firstly if it leaks it can cause a big genocide like in Chernobyl disaster.A nuclear power should always kept down otherwise it will effect humans and also animals life. If we look how many nuclear powers have developed countries : United States has 104 , France has 58 , Japan has 50 , Russia has 33 nuclear powers.In Turkey there isn’t any active nuclear power but in Mersin one nuclear power is in progress.Nowadays nearly 17 percent of the electricity power is provided by nuclear energy. Like in every implementation also when using nuclear power we should consider the advantages and the disadvantages seriously and then make a decision



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