Nuclear Unsafety

Nuclear energy and technology are becoming more common over the past 50 years. It has brought advantages, but we surely know that it has brought threads and damage to the earth as well. Are the discourses of ‘’Nuclear energy will save the future’’ true? Or is it the lead to the extinction of living things?


The harm of coal and gasoline energy is huge. The damage dealt with the environment, the ozone layer, and much more is threatening the future of existing. So people slowly turned to nuclear energy. That is relatable because nuclear energy is a great fuel and source of energy we must accept. On the other hand, the leaks, radioactive waste, toxic gas released into the atmosphere, unexpected errors in reactors, and atomic bombs are causing more disadvantages than advantages. The amount of toxic waste tones has increased a lot over the last 10 years. This shows that nuclear energy should be kept and used as more environmental-friendly. For securing the usage of nuclear power and the safety of wastes, the UN’s organizations like IAEA (International Atomic Energy Agency) established laws about the security and usage of nuclear energy and technology. Just like: ‘’ The safe and peaceful use of nuclear energy in any given state can only be assured with the promulgation and implementation of an effective national nuclear legal infrastructure.’’  Besides producing nuclear energy, weapons including nuclear power like atomic bombs are the most lethal threat to the world. Some of the effects could be close to permanent damages to the Word. Leaks from nuclear power plants are also causing environmental issues just like causing mutations in animals or plants. Not just leaks, one single mistake can cause the nuclear reactor to burn and it can lead to the power plant’s explosion which can end up with an unbelievable increase in mutations, loss of freshwater, and many things in the ecosystem, extinction of some animals and more. To avoid the most harm from nuclear energy is to protect the power plants in a very high secure way and limit the use of nuclear technology until it can be used in a certain safety. Otherwise, the consequences can be extremely tough.


To conclude, with today’s technology, nuclear energy is not enough safe to use it so much. Yes, the power plants are prevented more secure compared to the past and with better technology, they may be the future saver energy source. But nowadays, there is no technology present like that, nuclear energy has more disadvantages compared to advantages which makes it risky to use. Even if it is used, we should take important prevents before using or creating nuclear energy or technology.

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