Nuclear Weapon

Do you think small atomic bombs with reduced power can bring world peace? Some countries thinking about providing the world maintain with those played atomic bombs. They want that all countries should have fewer harmless atomic bombs. But how a nuclear weapon can over the bad conflicts between all countries? For me, it can not.

If an unexpected event happens all of a sudden, countries will start using the atomic bombs which they have in their hands already and this will be a behaviour that aimed to disrupt world peace. These small atomic bombs which can be used at any time can create such a big problem. For example, the results of the atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima, while Second World War is going on, continue although a long period of time has passed. The health of the children born after the atomic bomb that ended the Second World War, most of them were born disabled like they were unable to use their limbs. Also, pregnant women and elderly people were impressed by that atomic bomb.

Apart from these events maybe there can be a traitor that can use the atomic bombs to be the most powerful and biggest country ever. They can immediately finish off the other countries with one small atomic bomb. In my opinion, countries should not trust each other quickly because of the atomic bombs in their hands. They should not rely too much on their nuclear weapon as well. Instead of atomic bombs, many different materials can be used to ensure peace between countries.

As a result, countries should think a lot about atomic bombs because they can easily harm humanity. No matter if it is less powered or small. A nuclear weapon can not protect the environment and also it can not finish the problems between countries.



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