Nukes, Weapons for Destruction or Weapons for Peace ?

Atomic bombs were first used in World War 2. United States used 2 atomic bombs named “Little Boy“ and “Fat Man” to bombard cities of Empire of Japan, Nagasaki and Hiroshima.

The first possible atomic bomb project was developed by Germany in 1938. Nazi Germany’s attempt to produce atomic bomb was prevented by Norwegian Rebels in 1940. Norwegian rebels sabotaged German heavy water factories and Germans couldn’t produce the first atomic bomb. As Germany’s attempt failed, atomic bombs were first produced by United States under the name of Manhattan Project. Manhattan Project was developed with the intelligence from Germany. First test of Manhattan Project was Trinity Test in New Mexico. In Post-World-War-2 era there was a race for armament between Soviet Union and United States so both countries produced new and more powerful bombs.

Nowadays 9 countries have nukes: United States of America, Russia, China, United Kingdom, France, North Korea, Israel, Pakistan, and India. There are also 5 countries that have nukes belonging to NATO: Belgium, Netherlands, Turkey, Italy and Germany. There are also 4 countries that formerly had nukes: South Africa, Ukraine, Belarus and Kazakhstan.

So should we use atomic bombs? Atomic bombs effects are very destructive and deadly. It can destroy an entire city. Also unlike other types of bombs nuclear bombs are radioactive and have nuclear fallout which either kills all living things in its area instantly or turns your cells into cancer cells and kills in a longer period of time. Radiation spread from nukes are as dangerous as explosion itself and it takes at least 3 weeks for nuclear fallout to disappear. I think something as dangerous as this can’t be used for maintaining the peace. This may seem true in Japans case but when United States used the bomb how would war end was already obvious. Even if they didn’t used the bomb Empire of Japan would surrender eventually. Peace can be maintained without the use of nukes and if we don’t need atomic bombs to maintain world peace why should we keep them?

Lastly, atomic bombs may create situations where small nations always live with the fear of bigger nations who have nukes, which is completely against the world peace. Therefore, atomic bombs aren’t something which can maintain the world peace and we shouldn’t be using something that dangerous.

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