Number of Siblings and Education

In Turkey, one of the most important problems on east side is the number of siblings. 4.11> because of that number most of the childerns can’t have that much education. Because they need to work and help the familys income. Because avarege salary is not enough to a family with 3 people. Because of that minimum 1 children need to work at young age so he can’t get education.

In world most biggest family size is in African countrys. It’s 6.89> of the family size. Because of that only childerns can get primary school and need to work for all day onyl %5 of them can get universty %12 of them can get high school. I think family size effect the education because I can see that on my country too. Most of the people who have big family size they can’t study that much because they need to work, help to house jobs or help to mum for his or her siblings. It’s not realy easy to have care of 5 children. So most of the girls help to mum and most of the brother help to his father abouth income. But there is one more side there are some ” tribe ” that is called to big familys. Like they have 200> more members on the family and like they control a neighborhood in their city. In that familys they want much as much brothers. So nealry all familys breed as fast to get son. It’s now days they look like a gang. They are fighting with orher ”tribes”.

So in my idea small sized familys is the best. Because the siblings can get more education and can help to family and country more. But you can’t stop that big sized family love. When you can stop or decrease that problem you becoming a developed country. You can see that in now days. India have 1.38 Bilion people in country and increasing by %6.1 . But in UK 55,98 million and increasing by %0.6 . UK have more education and have one of the biggest universtys on the world. But India there is not that much education and don’t have that much qualifyed universitys like UK. That’s my idea and most of the educated peoples idea.

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