The nymph is a 12-year-old fairy whose real name is Elena. Her mission was to control the waters on Earth. But Elena doesn’t know she’s going to be a hero yet: Year 2140 The Sea nymph woke up one day and began to feel bad. At that moment, the earth nymph came to her and asked her in fear, “What’s going on with Elena, why has the drought started?” The nymph was surprised and said, “Did it start a drought, but I didn’t know about it.” The nymph and the nymph exchanged glances. The nymph said, “How can this be, I can’t tolerate this!”, and immediately stepped out of the window. She began to travel everywhere to find a source of water: Finland, England, Iceland, Australia… At the end of this journey, she found no water source. The nymph thought that maybe the sun had dried the waters, and the sun nymph went to Maria. “Hi Maria, I have to ask you something, you know that the amount of water on Earth has started to decrease, does it have anything to do with the Sun?” said Elena. “Yes, but the real culprit is people, they are doing it,” Maria said. Elena looked blankly at Maria. Maria noticed this and began to explain. “People are doing this because they started global warming, they upset the balance of the Earth, they invented factories, for example, the smoke polluted the Earth; They threw garbage into the seas, killed the fish. After many incidents like this they did it themselves but maybe I’ll block it for you for a while but if they keep this up, I can’t hold it any longer. Elena said, “I don’t need to be their hero, they can be theirs!”

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