Old and Modern Buildings: Which One is Better?

Could a city be imagined without its fascinating historical structures especially when they are replaced by modern designs of our age? I am certain that a city without historical buildings will be missing and therefore I defend the preservation of these buildings.

History, which is one the most fundamental pieces of culture, can be presented with the assistance of old buildings, bridges and fountains. Each of the structures have a unique architecture that demonstrates the age they were created. It is also a precious legacy for the city.  Apart from contributing to protection of culture, these historical places attract many tourists providing a financial support for the city. Moreover, having old structures around the city is useful for education of children from local-schools and help them to get a better understanding of their origins and history of the city.

Can Traditional and Modern Architecture Coexist - Portella

Majority of people, however, is willing to have modern buildings instead of the old buildings and defend the idea that old buildings should be demolished in order to have more area. Although,, modern designes are flawless and quite tall, they are not aestatically enough to attract many tourists which will lead to a decrease in economy. Furthermore, since they are mostly constructed for companies, their construction should be finished quickly causing the buildings to be weak and not resistant enough and risk the many lives of citizens.


On the whole, old structures are a precious gift given to us with its stunning art and certainly worthy to be preserved. Don’t sit on the fence anymore. Don’t you think it is time to raise our voice for our city?

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