One Bad Memory

One they, I was going to my home from university. The weather was cold but I had a coat from Norway and in the other hand, England is cold approximately all the time. I was dreaming about going to my home, making a hot coffee and watching my favourite TV series. My midterms were getting closer but I was already ready for them. But still, I was thinking about them. While thinking, I came to my home, I opened my door’s old lock loudly and get in.


I have gotten my hot coffee from the machine and I got into my thick wool blanket. My grandmother knitted it and it was keeping me warm these days. My days were the same I think. After my brother have gotten lost, I was trying to get over it. I searched him at everywhere, I called everyone that I know but there was no information about my lost brother. I just got used to it on that days. I had opened TV and started to watch the series. It was about solving different mysterious crimes and murders. They are solving new crimes in the new season of the series. There are approximately 15 chapters in 1 season chapters are 40 minutes long. I watched 4 chapters while eating some snacks and drinking my coffee. After that, I went to my bedroom for some revision. Physics was always hard for me but I was doing my best to get a good grade.



Another day, at the university, I argued with my teacher because of my attention problem. He was right, I couldn’t attend lessons that day but I had a valid reason. I saw my brother’s face when I entered the crow at the university. I told him about this issue and he understand me. After that, I went to the cafeteria to eat something. I was not good and I need some food to be better. I ate some toast with salad and I drank a soda with them. When I was full, I went to the garden of our school facility. There were so many activities that I can do to chill out. I didn’t have anything to do for the rest of that day. So I went to the gym to do some sport with my gym buddy. Actually, that was very good. I have chilled out. I got ready to go home. I took my sports bag and my backpack after my shower and went out. As I going away, a hand touched to my shoulder. I turned back immediately and I saw him. I saw my lost brother then I was shocked and froze for a moment. He shook me and gave me a huge hug. And we started to walk to the house.

We entered the home and I made coffee for both of us. He was pretty good than I thought. I told him to tell me everything that he lived when he was missing. And he started to talk. He had had a huge debt to a rich guy. This rich man was illegal and he was doing smuggling to gain money. He was selling weapons to resistance groups. While my brother walking on the road. That guy’s men came and kidnapped my brother. They tried to use him for their bad jobs. My brother said okay first. But he didn’t want to do any bad things for bad people. So he waited for a good time to escape. They send him to the mission location and then my brother escape from them. He went to the police and he just told everything to them.

Now he is safe and living with me. We will go abroad as we planned. He has a job for this plan and I think this will be a good journey and holiday for both of us.

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