ONE DAY AS Michael Jordan


     I would like to spend a day as Michael Jordan because more than anything I would like to live the life of a 
famousbasketball player.
      After getting up in the morning and doing my daily work, I would train with my team and think about what 
I  could do to improve myself. Then I would go out and walk outside for a bit with my bodyguards, but even 
though it was covid-19, I wouldn't quarrel with my fans much because they would be my everything.
There cannot be a basketball player without a fan because those who love him and watch her give her 
strength.Recently, due to the covid-19 measures, there was no spectator intake for the matches, but as 
of 2022, this rule was lifted and spectators began to come to the matches. So when I was playing at 
Michael Jordan's place, I could learn to feel and think like him, and that would be a useful experience in my 
future basketball career and I would love to be a great, famous and respected basketball player like 
Michael Jordan in the future.Think about it, you become a very well-known and wealthy basketball player in
the future. Even if you quit basketball after that, you will have enough wealth for your life but one should not
get caught up in this wealth and waste all the money. For example: you can lose your money by spending it 
on bad places like gambling and I do not think that I have this responsibility.

    That's why I'm happy with my situation, but I wish I could benefit from Michael Jordan's experience.


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