One More Step To Salvation

He walked through to the old factory, it was dark and cold. Although this place was in the heart of the city, its unusual aura allowed him to stay away from people. This gray-walled and dusty room, illuminated only by the weak light of the sun reflected from the green mosaic windows, was a place he was sure was safe. He walked forward with confident steps, found the 7th of the barrels on the right side and lifted it. There it was, the letter.

He made his way to the exit of the factory. He looked again at the letter, which he had put in the inside pocket of his uniform, as if to make sure it was still there. Somewhat relieved at the presence of the cream-colored paper, the general left the factory as soon as he had checked the outside.
The street was crowded and noisy. There was no trace of the old condition of the people, the people had become poor, the merchants had lost their power. After the occupation of the city, the middle-aged and young men had had to leave their homes to be commanded. There were only a few bakeries, merchants and traders left. It pained the general very much to see the last situation of his old neighborhood, and he took strength from this pain, which makes him more and more committed to his work by the time passes.

When he reached the headquarters, the general, who was greeted with great respect by the soldiers at the door, quickly went to his room and before shutting down the door, he ordered the guardsmen in front of the door, “Do not let anyone to the room!”,

He quickly sat down in his wooden chair and calmly took out the letter from his inner pocket on his left chest. He must have been afraid of damaging it. The envelope, which he opened as carefully as he could, contained a coded alphabets made with dashes and dots. This cryptic language was based on Morse code, but had been altered in some respects to reduce the risk to zero in case of someone else found the letters.

The letter came from Corporal Steven, a British soldier. His father was originally of Christian origin, was taken to the Ottoman Empire at a young age, and was grown according to the culture of the Ottomans. After Steven turned 17, he left the Turkey following his father’s death and returned to England, his hometown. There was nothing to connect him here except his Turkish mother, who died while giving birth to him, and the memories of the first seventeen years of his life. At the beginning of the war, he joined the British army, but when his sense of fidelity became heavy, he secretly communicated with the general and began to act as an agent, betraying his own country, England. He conveyed to the General the information he had obtained from the commander with whom he had been working for the past two months to the General, and was doing his best to save the Ottoman government from the British colony.

The general unlocked his drawer with the keys, took out the folded alphabets he had hidden under some documents, and placed them on the table. He found the symbols from the alphabet and wrote down the letters they expressed in order, and his eyes widened as he neared the end of the letter.

“I heard that they will use the farm outside the city to store the weapons. Two days later, the weapons will be transferred at 2 am. Thousands of weapons and arsenals will arrive. Due to the capture of these arsenals by the Ottoman army, a large part of the country will be unarmed and it will be possible to change the direction of the war to a large extent. There will be only 8 guards for protection, 4 outside the farm and 4 in the immediate vicinity of the warehouse. The change of guards will take place every 6 hours. It is very likely that we will take the warehouse with a raid during the change of guards. Wait for news from me, tomorrow I will find out the details and write to you.
Corporal Steven.”

The general closed his eyes. He had not been so amazed in a long time. Every part of his body was shaking like crazy, but this extraordinary, unexpected tremor did not bother the grumpy man in any way. The day he had been waiting for had come and now it was his turn.

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