One Way Ticket

Today is a normal day like the other days; I started to take some coffee and went to the my school. But weather is not clean like a other summer days clouds was continually crying like a little baby, sun was hidding like a playing hide and seek and I cant feel my fingers and mouse because of cold, at the same time I need the join my classes and understand some staffs and ı cant sleep in class and and anddd … but I slept in class after that I give a lot promise to my teacher and I continue try to finish my classes with tiredness and bored things. After the six hours finally all of the lessons are over but I have after school activity in all thursday. but today is the last thursday of the year as I sad its a last thursday because at the end we will skip the all bad things like quarantine, covid, earhqueks, fights or something finally we will pass to the 2021 Finally! When the lessons are over I walked to the cafeteria and I grab something for eat and I entered the after school. The activity is being great until electiric is shut down first we didnt do any panic or something but someone need to go to the lever for electric is comeback and as you guess the guy is me who need to go the lever. This is so easy thing when you dream this situation this is easy for me as well but when I am in the half of the road the electiric is comeback Thats why I comeback to the class which is doing after school after a few minutes electiric is gone one more time but now water is gone as well again anyone did not want to go pump and I start to walk and I found the pump but the weird machine is in the water pump area First I did not understand what the hell is this but when I temper with machine I understood its a time machine and its says “use me” firstuful I did not think to use this but I can be striking guy in friend group if I know what will happen in 2021 andddddd I use it but 2021 is not like my dreams the corona mutation which is Delta variant is appear, the Turkey’s forests start burning and the Turkeys lungs are totally gone with this russian aircraft is crashed when the triying to put out the fire, the boğaziçi students do not be happy about her rector and for that reason boğaziçi protest are started. I feel sad when I see this and I want to back to real time but when I tried that I cant becasue ticket is only one way. I stuck! and I am writing this blog for you pls help me

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