One who starts up in anger, sits down with a loss

Look, I didn’t want to get hit by a car but if you start up in anger, you sit down with a loss. Now probably you are wondering how there is some kind of connection between a car hitting me and anger.

Well, if that is what you wonder, let me tell you how the accident happened.

Now, it is probably safe to say here that I absolutely hate being late for somewhere than I hate more than anything. Let me tell you the story.

I really don’t remember why I got angry because I was angry and careless. The first thing I remember is when my mom told me to get ready a little while before the training because I was going to go to basketball training. Seems pretty normal right? Haha no. At the time I had really long hair which made me very slow when I try to get prepared. So I was completely out of my mind  when my mom told me that my friends dad (my friend and I were going to the same club, at that point for like 4 years, and her dad would always pick me up. So, it was pretty normal for me but for some reason, if I didn’t start to get ready for just about an hour earlier, I would freak out. He was going to pick me up for about 10 minutes later. I was so stressed that I almost started to cry. Before my mom told me to get ready, I had been doing homework so as you can guess, I was very busy before and completely forgot everything that I was supposed to do. Very quickly I started to pack my bag, asked my mom to fill up my water bottle, started to dress for the training, wore my uniform and got out of the door and tried to go down the stairs as quickly as possible. Because for some reason the escalator was broken, what a coincidence right? Finally I got to the street door. (So my friends father always picked me up from the bakery that was in front of the building because it was easier to go to the club and also the bakery was on the other side of the road. And our house is right in the middle of the main street so it is always cramped) I rushed out the door and got to the traffic light where you push a button to get to the other side of the road. And for another reason that button is always broken, too. So, you have to push very hard to get the lights working. I thought that I pushed it enough and started to wait. While I was waiting on my side of the road a truck came and stopped right before the lights. I thought that the red light was on and started to run to the other side. And guess what happened? A car was coming 60km/h and didn’t have the time to stop. I just saw flashlights.


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