Online Class Analysis

Since the beggining of the pandemic, our school have been running an alternative online class system. Even though students are able to study in a safer environment, many of us debate whether it has an impact on the efficiency of the lessons.

According to the charts, the overal grades of the students have dropped gradually since the beggining of this particular system. Additionally, any technical problem can disturb the whole class. When asked, 8 out of 10 students have claimed that they are having more difficulty concentrating to the class than the traditional face-to-face lessons. Nevertheless, teachers are having problem adapting to the online homework assignment platforms, which may cause inaccuracy on the due-date or description of the assignments.

However, online lessons provide number of advantage, such as being able to join the class from anywhere. Even though students do not have to come to school, their home is a massive distraction for them, even the computer itself is. Also, staring at a monitor for 6 hours a day is very tiring for our eyes, which affects our learning efficiency dramatically.

The online class has more drawbacks than its benefits, and must be considered to be changed. Even though current situation is limiting possible solutions, students need a better education system.

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