Only Humans Can Help Humans

Each second, as the human species, we are in hopes of developing our knowledge and discovering new information about the world and universe we live in. As these discoveries concern the whole of humanity, we need to collaborate, unite and join the existing information we have, to enlighten new ones.

Collaborating is an important skill and is often required in many fields. Most importantly, it makes up teamwork. Brainstorming is an efficient way of collaborating as the members are combining the knowledge they have to produce a larger perspective of the topic.

Within our planet, there are different climates, ecosystems, and lifestyles. For instance, a discovery that can only be made in a humid environment wouldn’t be discovered by the people in a dry environment. Therefore, it is seen that most of the information we have about our planet, was a synthesis of a series of information collected worldwide. This must have required the collaboration of a group of people.

Each country is very different from one another, with different cultures, societies, education systems, etc. If we talk about the education systems, we can see that the curriculum of each subject is different in each country, even though some may be similar. Hence, a scientist born and raised in one country can vary from another who has been raised in a different country. This would result in them having different perspectives about the same exact topic. If they were to identify new information, both scientists should trade their bits of knowledge.

Scientists around the globe are working day and night in hopes of uncovering the secrets there are to the universe and they are doing this on behalf of all of us, humanity. I believe that regardless of all the wars and disagreements between some nations, we are one, and only humans can help humans. There is no need to limit and hide data about the earth, if we all live in it.

There are goals set for humanity to achieve. For example, one of these goals was going to space and to set foot on the moon. Mainly goals about finding more about space. For the sake of achieving this, many astronauts and scientists with different nationalities have come together, collaborated, and edified us.

To conclude, I am in the opinion of humanity being one, collaborating to develop the whole species and achieving global goals. Only humans can help humans.

We are only as strong as we are united, as weak as we are divided. – J.K. Rowling

Unity is strength…when there is teamwork and collaboration, wonderful things can be achieved. – Mattie Stepanek



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