Only One

Loneliness is a deep concept.  Because it’s not just being alone;  It also depends on how a person continues his life and the choices he makes.  It contains two opposite concepts: sometimes it gives sadness, sometimes it gives peace.  There may be times when a person is afraid of loneliness, fleeing or a search for himself throughout his life.

Man is a social being and it is impossible to be separated from other people even if he wants to, he needs other people.  Because what makes life valuable is that we can share.  Simply the feeling of seeing that when you share your big or small success with your family, friends, and loved ones, they are also happy and proud… maybe it will make you happier than your success.  On the contrary, in the same way, the troubles and sorrows are considerably reduced next to someone.  Because of this, loneliness makes people feel half.  Neither happiness nor sadness is complete.  When they cannot share both, they lose their meaning.  What makes beauty beautiful is that there are people we can share it with.

Solitude is like a garden with one tree.  The fact that no one can see when colorful flowers bloom in spring or that there is nothing to prevent them from being blown around in windy weather is a summary of loneliness.

Sometimes one surrenders to solitude by himself, because sometimes solitude seems to be the only way out.  Maybe because they are angry with others, maybe because they are running away, afraid or tired of them, they choose solitude just to find peace.  Loneliness is sometimes one’s only refuge, no matter how much it is disliked or avoided.  The reason for this is that when one is alone, one faces and finds himself.  Thus, one can fill the void in solitude with himself.  However, although the cold arms of loneliness give relief at first, this relief is replaced by a freezing cold over time.

As a result, only lonely people understand loneliness, the existence, and absence of which is a separate problem. Whether you are alone or not is up to you.


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