Opening A New Page Or Try to Erase It?

Our earth is suffering from so many problems. Recently our wold is dying day by day and the reason for this is unfortunately human beings. People are causing countless damages to nature with their actions every day, and this causes our world to die slowly. What we are doing is polluting the environment in general, but the act of polluting the enviroment is seperated in many ways. We pollute the air, we pollute the water, we pollute the nature and the world can not take that much.For this reason, people are trying to find a new living space for themselves. Although some people defend the ideo of turning a new page by allowing the world to disappear and finding a new field, but some people do not allow the world to die and defend the idea of preventing the crisis.

I think we should prevent the crisis in our world and restore it. Besides, why choose the hard way when we can do the easy one? It is ridiculous that we even have the option of moving to a new planet and adjusting everything there, when we have the option to stop the damage we are doing to our world and live in a cleaner and more enviromentally friendly way. What we need to do to try to prevent crisis in the world in the world is actually very simple.

First of all, we must be sensitive to our environment. In this case, the issues we need to do may not even be to throw a plastic straw onto the ground. If everyone were a little more sensitive to nature, the change would be so big and great. The harder option is to move to a new planet. Earth is the only planet among the planets that can accommodate humans. Because it’s climate, seasons, water and many other things are suitable for people. But moving to another planet means transferring the characteristics of the Earth to that planet as well. It’s like turning a person into someone they are not. Neither the water, the climate, the seasons or anything else of that planet are compared to humans. No matter how much scientists try and try to make them according to humans, this is a great ‘if’ and it is not known how long it will take to do or what it will require. Contrary to that, restoring our Earth would be easy because we know what to do and doing it wouldn’t be as tiring as the other option.

Although we are the ones who murdered the world, I believe that we can restore our world. Even if some people don’t make an effort, I trust that if almost all people pay attention, our world can be restored and be the home of people as usual.

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