Operation Report No. : 931

Foundation Members Involved: Sp. Agent Jesse Vault

Some information about this operation has been removed by the high council in order to prevent panic and chaos among the public. If you are not a Council Member or higher please return this document to the council immediately.

Operation: Assassination of the head of “The Darkness” Cult, Hartwell D. Jones.

Interview with Sp. Agent Jesse Vault after the “Incident”:

Q1: What was your mission?
-I was supposed to dispose of the head of a cult that was gaining popularity in the west.

Q2: Do you know why you were ordered to do this?

-The cult was ruining communities, they were forming tens of suicide pacts. If we were not rid of him the killing would not have stopped.

Q3: Please proceed to explain the events of the operation
-I was dispatched near ███████████, ██████ ██████ ██ ███████. Everything was going as planned. Hartwell entered his house about 10 minutes and 39 seconds late than we had anticipated.When I asked what to do, headquarters told me to resume the plan as normal. I started reassembling my M2010 sniper rifle after the target entered his living quarters. I was going to take the shot when they sat down for dinner since the target would be the least mobile then.

Q3.A: How were you feeling at that point of the missing agent?
-It was just another Tuesday for me. I have been doing this job for over 9 years now so I had nothing on my mind except to get this over with.
Interviewer: I understand please proceed with the mission

-After setting my weapon up I waited a little more until I saw the dining room light turn on. I saw a total of 9 silhouettes on the curtains. 5 of them sat down on the table while the other 4 served them. Hartwell always sits at the head of the table but when I asked if I could shoot I was turned down by headquarters and told to wait until I had confirmed that it was him. Then just like a miracle as soon as that was said the person at the head of the table waved his hand and the servers opened the windows. I took a good look at the person and confirmed that it was in fact Hartwell D. Jones. After the confirmation I was given the green light. I moved my finger to the trigger, I held my breath and just then when I looked in through the window the whole family was sitting around the table, eating and talking. All of a sudden started staring at me directly in the eyes. Hartwell, who was missing an eye, was looking at me as if he was staring directly into my soul. I found myself suffocating as I could not take more air in my lungs because I had already been holding my breath. When I composed myself and took another look inside the window everyone was gone, even the lights were turned off! I stood up and tried to run away but when I headed to the door I saw a singular eye looking at me from the shadows. I felt as though chills ran down my spine. I could not do anything but stare directly back. I felt terrified and weak . The person in the shadows started taking steps at me. I could hear him giggling like

a little kid on their birthday. He was ecstatic to see me. My legs became so weak that they could no longer support me so I fell on the ground. “You really got what it takes to K̵̢̡̪͓̫̮̠̬̭͕͛͂͑͊͂̿̇Ĭ̶̳̱̫̺̙̫̻̬̦́̌̀͊̉͛͐̑̕Ļ̶̧̘͔̬̬̰̮̝͇̻̲̮̩͙̿́̌͗̄͆͂̑L̶̦̺̺̣̫̻͑̕̚ ̷̲̹̦͈̱̗̖͇̖̮̲̗̯̖̏͑͐̂̕͝M̶̛̛̘͉̓̂̑͛̐̃̽̏͒̈́́̕͝Ę̸̳̗͓̜͓͎̀? I could

hardly breathe. I did not know what to do and I felt absolutely helpless. “Tell me something that will satisfy me right now!” he cried at me. I was considering shooting myself right then and there. I was absolutely terrified and could barely even move but for some reason my entire body was telling me to say “nine.”. I do not exactly remember what happened after that. The next thing I saw after those events were when I woke up in the middle of ███████████ ███ ██████. I could not move my body but I felt the desert sun slowly burning my chest and face.

Q4: All right thank you for your time agent. There will only be one final question: “What are all your current injuries after the “Incident”.
I have lost both of my ████, both my ████, both my ████ and I am missing half of my █████ and one of my ██████. I have lost the ability to ███ and ████.

That was the end of the report

Interviwer: ███████████████████████████

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