Opportunity Is About To Flee

Technologically advanced countries with low poverty and higher welfare levels have made great progress in space exploration. Space technology has been more advanced since the first spacecraft and investments in this field are increasing. Especially countries such as the United States of America and Russia spend large sums in this area and make big space plans in the future. But is it the right move to shift our focus to the outside of the world, while the planet we live in is struggling with disasters?

Many countries are investing heavily in space exploration. The country that has spent the largest amount in this area is, unsurprisingly, the United States. Since World War II, the USA has been transferring significant resources from its budget for space. Although NASA’s budget has declined since 2009, NASA still ranks first in spending. It is followed by Russia, ESA, France, Japan, Germany, Italy, and China. In total, nearly 357 billion dollars has spent on space exploration in 2020. In total, nearly 357 billion dollars has spent on space exploration in 2020. With this high amount, lots of global issues can be prevented and the world could be changed for the greater good. According to estimations $364.8 billion, which could prevent people from starving to death 60 times can end world hunger completely.

It is a pity that although there is an opportunity to create a better living environment for people, we miss this opportunity. According to current data, the poorest countries in the world are Burundi, Somalia, Mozambique, Madagascar, Sierra Leone, Afghanistan, Central African Republic, Liberia, Niger, the Democratic Republic of the Congo. In these countries, the essential needs can not be provided to the citizens which leads to several deaths. In a condition like this, it is out of logic to spend money on space exploration instead of saving billions of lives.

Considering the fact that financially developed countries can save humanity from many problems that have terrible consequences, the priority has to be this world, and after saving this world, it is the right move to step into the outer worlds. While there is an opportunity, people should not be left to suffer and should be fought for a better planet.

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