Oppression in Beliefs

To believe is to think that something is there rather than knowing it exists. If something that exists by faith can be proven, that thing is unbelievable. We accept it because we already know it. This is how beliefs started. We didn’t know what it was and we believed it.

Humanity has always believed that something. Sometimes it would be a cow, sometimes it’s a person, sometimes it’s a creator who creates everything. There won’t be the end of these beliefs. Humans always look for something to believe in.  It fills something in our minds.

At first, humans that evolve first don’t know anything about nature. When they saw a lightning strike, they were afraid. They tried to figure out what happened and the most suitable solution was a dad figure. Everyone lives an angry father moment. It’s always been happening and probably it won’t end so when the first community sees that, there is a dad figure who is angry with us!

Of course, when people saw it at first, they couldn’t make sense of it. We humans have always tried to relate one thing to another. When they could not find any meaning in these lightning flashes and the angry sky, they began to believe in a celestial being, a being who created everything. If there was something they couldn’t explain otherwise, they’d go crazy. This is how the foundation of beliefs was formed.

Then religions began to form. Prophets came, various beliefs began to spread all over the world. Every religion has a certain condition and in many religions, people who do not belong to their own religion are punished. What’s worse is that those who believe in religion come under great pressure with the threat of going to hell from their own religion.

One of the best examples is the oppression of the churches, the enslavement of religion, which was evident in the Middle Ages. In medieval Europe, Christianity was something that had to be accepted by everyone, if a person opposed the Catholic churches, that person was socially lynched. So he was against anything the church said.

In general, there was always a lynch and oppression in beliefs in history. It would be very unreasonable to say this only for religions. At the same time, the same applies to these different ideas. It cannot be said that it will be very different in the future.

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