Our Debt to Nature

It is as if the existence of man is based on disrupting the ecological cycle in the world. Nature will be a better place without us. No matter how many people try to help nature, it would not be a lie to say that our harm is more effective. No matter how much we harm nature, it helps us in every way. As Hubert Reeves said, “We are at war with nature, if we win, we will lose.” When we no longer have greenery, we will perish.

Human beings play a great role in the functioning of nature. But we do not fulfill our duty in this role. We disrupt the climate, which is the most important factor for living things, from the car we drive to the deodorant we spray. The species of animals whose natural habitat we have disturbed are becoming extinct day by day. Now that even tigers are endangered, it’s time to put our behavior in order. It falls on the person first. If you don’t throw your garbage on the road, our future can be guaranteed one more step. Or we may not get in the car for 200 metres. We can reduce the amount of carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere by increasing the use of public transportation vehicles, bicycles and scooters. This falls on both the individual and the state. We must do our best on this path, which starts with correcting our habits.

Whatever we do individually, what we can do is limited. For this, there are some decisions that the state and institutions have to take. Biodiversity is of great importance for human health and well-being, economic well-being, food security and security. It also has an important place in other areas that are vital for all people and societies. For these reasons, it is very important that the act of hunting, in which animals are killed under the name of “sports”, is completely banned and that such acts are abused in the field of animals and the punishment is more severe. This type of people act with the comfort that the mess they do is irreversible. A deterrent punishment will prevent them from doing this. Human life is not superior to the life of any other living thing. As Russian novelist Dostoyevsky wrote, “The vengeance of a crime against nature is more formidable than human justice.” He has a saying about it. Otherwise, the diversity of life, of which we are a part, will continue to decrease.

We cannot just sit and watch while the beauty of nature, which is good for our physical and psychological health and calms us down, disappears because of us. Without nature we are nothing. Nature needs us as much as we need it. It’s up to us to keep it alive. We must fulfill our responsibility in this process that will develop thanks to the respect we feel. The way we look at nature, it will treat us accordingly.

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