Our Library

As a family who likes reading a lot, we have a quite big library in our house. We designed it in a vintage way. It may seem small in the picture but in reality, it is huge and sometimes we use ladders to get the books we want from the top shelves. Every single person who has ever been in our house wanted to take a look at it and borrow several books. 


We buy and collect books from countries we visit. For instance, when we

went to Spain we visited every single bookstore we saw and bought many books so we couldn’t have enough time and money to visit the actual tourist attractions. And after we returned from Spain our library was full of books in Spanish and Gabriel Garcia Marquez’s works.

Before I was born my mother started to collect books thinking I would read them when I grow up. And now, we have a collection of more than 2 thousand old and new books in our library. 

My grandfather is also a book lover. His handwritten books are in our library too. Before moving out, the number of books was 2 times more and almost filled the whole room, unfortunately we did not have enough space left and donated most of them to the Bilkent University Library.

Most of the books are in Turkish and Spanish but we also have books in English, Italian, Latin, ancient Greek, and even Hebrew.  

Among the oldest books is “Byron’s Life and Works”, written by Thomas Moore. It is an 18-volume set published in 1832. 

Till now none of them has ever been beaten up or ripped.

Our library’s gothic part which is in the top left is the most interesting and intriguing part for me. Every book written by  H.P. Lovecraft is there as a collection. Some of their covers are even terrifying to look at.

We also have a collection of religion books not in Turkish but in different languages including Hebrew.

The most recent book added to our collection is called “The Psychology Book”.

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