Our Safe World

If the rules of the world will more strict what will happen? The crime level will increase or the world become more safe and peaceful; all of we hope world become more peacful but how this will happen? We have 2 different think but two of them have pros and cons first when rules will more strict humans are allways feel under the pressure and when they see or found a little opportunity for broke the rules they never wait for broke this and this opportunity will use with all people if the goverment doesnt do anything if goverment didint this little opportunity going to be more big problem because this issue will change snowball to the snowman.Second when the rules are become same as now the anything change but if we thinking like the crime rate need to be decrease we cant get string rules or decrease efficents of the rules two of them is never change anythink.Now you saying if we musnt do any of this what do we need to do first we need to rework the rules for rules become more efficentbut this is not enough we need to give more comfortable more enjoyable more productive life and this life need a goal for achive something end of the your life tihs is important because if the citizens do not have any aim the life they will feel my life is wasted I need to do different think and neither the citizen do not have enough money or your country do not have good economy as like as mine they could not do striking activity like doing some sport, going different places, hanging with friend or playing games on computer or purchase some clothes for that they are robering and you will say what about traffic or murdering first murders are mostly killing someone because of money second the trrafic crime this is not directly about money or economy but they need to reach her job inasmuch as earn money as I sad they need money for her familly if he did not her son will hungry maybe die for curable sick after you have a good econmy you need to teach people  “how to be a human” this one is most important part for decrease crime level of the country or world because if you did not do it you cant do anything about your crime level because you cant appoint cop to everybody.

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