Our World Is Hungry for Help

Our world, which is a great treasure, provides abundant resources for us. The human population has reached almost 8 billion today, yet the world provides us with enough food for all of us. Then why is hunger so unbelievably high? Why do millions of people go home hungry?  According to the report that United Nations published, 811 million people globally are undernourished. This number is increasing every year and deaths due to this grave issue are increasing drastically. So here are some significant reasons behind this which makes it a huge issue.

To begin with, poverty is one of the major causes of hunger. People live in poverty can’t afford nutritious food. This leads them to undernourishment. These people in order to get food sell off their livestock and tools to earn money. This provides temporary facilitation, but is maintained by a longer-term of hunger. In consequence of poverty, 66% of people have to make a choice between food and education. What a terrible situation that people are forced to make a sacrifice.

The next is a really harrowing one, food waste. World Food Programme announced that one third of all food produced, which is over 1.3 billion tons of food, is never consumed. The amount of water used in the production of one kilogram of chocolate is 17 thousand liters. Such a high amount for the production of only 1 kilo. Now consider the water used to produce the wasted food. What a terrible waste. While losing our food we also wate our water. Besides, according to the Cornell University Food and Brand Lab, on average, diners don’t eat 17 percent of their meals and 55 percent of leftovers are left at the restaurant.

Moreover, climate changes causes extreme weather conditions which affects the agricultural activities. For example, rainfalls can destroy or leave a severe damage on crops and kill the animals. The World Bank estimated that climate change can results in more than 100 million people’s poverty over the next decade.

The truth of the matter is that people, environment and our world is dying. However, even the smallest change we can do, we can save us more food, water and a better future. Basically you can gather your uneaten food and give them to people who are struggling with hunger. If you can’t contribute activly at least you can make donations and bear a hand especially to countries that are most suffering due to this problem. Apart from these, you can be involved in social responsibility projects; you can ensure that everyone contributes by raising awareness among children, young people and the elderly. When everybody does their part we can save our world. Because don’t forget, just because our world is dying now, it doesn’t mean that it is going to die.



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