Out of Time Line

After countless attempt I finally built my time machine and I had to make a choice which is “Should I go to the future or the past?”. I finally made my choice and I choosed to go to the past. As Barış Özcan said “The unknown is scary. We actually hate it because we’re afraid.” from his song Korkudan I was really afraid to go to the future.

The year was around the 1960s. First thing I saw was a phone box which looks like my time machine. I looked around and I saw mans with cigars, cool jackets and top hats womans were mostly wearing dresses, high heels and fedoras. All the people around me was looking so elite. I saw pretty cool cars that we’d call junk if we saw them now. Then I realized I was wearing the same type of clothes with all the men around me. I checked my pockets and I find a paper and a wallet. I took the paper and noticed that it had something in English written on it. What was written there was an address. Then I took the wallet and I had some money that looks similar to dollar. I saw a taxi after I checked my pockets and I had been curious about the address that is in my pocket so I told driver to go to the address on the paper. We came to the address and then I got out of the car. There was an apartment which looks exotic and gloomy and there were numbers that are houses numbers and the last names of the hosts are next to them. My last name was also there. I don’t know why but everyone in apartment had similar last names except me. That was Wolf, pretty conspicuous. Then I opened my mail box and my houses key was there. I went to third floor where my house is located and my home was 1+1 there was just kitchen and living room. There is no tv in living room just a few armchairs and a table with scattered newspapers on it. There wasn’t much in the kitchen either. Just a sink with dirty steel bowls in it. After checking the house I looked out from window and saw that it is night. I went to sleep in one of my armchairs.

When I waked up I found myself in my own time line and in my own house. Was that all a dream?

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