Outlaws For Life

By the end of 1899, America was starting to fill with law enforcement. Outlaws and criminals were on the hunt. The Pinkerton Detective Bureau was set up for some specific cases. At the head of this bureau was Agent Milton.
One day, Agent Milton received a letter from the well-known businessman, Mr. Cornwall. In this letter, he cited a gang of outlaws, dissidents and free thinkers who had opposed a corrupt system of power and preferred to live by their own rules. The name of the gang was Van Der Linde.
In 1887, the gang committed their first major bank robbery. The gang escaped with $5,000 in gold. After the robbery, they lingered in town. Around this time, Dutch, who was the leader of the gang (probably because of this bank robbery), became a wanted man with a bounty on his head. Between 1887 and 1899, the gang carried out about 45 different bank robberies in various parts of the country.
The gang distributed 90 percent of the money they stole to the public. While handing out the coins, he said: “Who wants to be in heaven eh? Who wants to be in heaven when you can be sending men to hell. Those men who called themselves, “The Law” are calling us monsters. But they are missing something! When we’re gone, they’ll just find another monsters! Because it’s their job. Those lawmens and Pinkertons are worse than us!”
The gang was attacked by the Pinkertons one morning. There were 29 casualties in the gang, including 8 children and 21 men. Dutch, the leader of the gang, was furious when he heard of the losses, so he immediately gathered the best men and raided Pinkerton headquarters. but Pinkerton and the army were waiting for the gang in ambush. The town was empty when the gang got there. Dutch realized that something was wrong. but it was too late, and suddenly the shooting began. 30 people in the gang were caught in an ambush. In the first minutes, 9 members of the gang had died. the survivors took refuge in the bar with Dutch’s leadership. bullet shootings did not stop, other gang members and their supporters were also called to help the gang. Pinkerton and the army had withdrawn.
Soon after, the funerals of the disappeared were held, and dutch delivered the following words to the public: “They can pummel us as hard as they like, but we will always get back up and fight. That’s who we are. Outlaws for life, fellers. A person little like when himself he talks with his own identity, he will only tell the truth if he is given a mask.”
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