Outside of The Cage

Do you ever wonder what is the real freedom. Actually you didn’t have to because you already know it. Although I wonder what it is thanks to my life in this cage ı’m always looking for another. My dear human friend now ı’m writing my inner side of my silence because all humanity should understand a perspective from a budgie.

To be honest I don’t remember my childhood clearly even though I know born in a tiny cage and raised for a pet. Sometimes I’m asking for myself ”Am I a real bird?” From my point of view my wings doesn’t shows that the reality. If the truth shows that my origin is become to be normal kind of bird now I would fly on the wonderful jungles of Australia , Africa and South Amerika. Yesterday I was looking out from the window of the pet shop and I saw the empressing outside life. But it can’t be because I’m just a budgie whose raised as a pet. My body waits a new home and a new cage for myself at the pet shop. But eveybody did not wonder my hearts real expectation from my life. The only request from my life is just see what is the real freedom is. Only wish that I hope is just open my my wings for the endless freedom!

One day my faires heard my wish and a client went to the pet shop. Although I did not expect that customer. The worker of our pet shop shows mercy and advirtise all the pets. Suddenly I heard the clients they came to here because they want to buy a budgie. My inner voice told that this is my chance to escape from this endless cage to the endless freedom which is very long-waited. When the saller comes to take me my his hand bited him as strong as possible finally found an opened window and escaped quickly. But I forgotted the weather was cold as ice. It’s snowing like cats and dogs and when I’m flying across the city can’t feel myself comfortable and the frost cuts my face frequently at that moment. Suddenly feel down on a freezing snow and heard the sound of universe , saw the light of heaven. An angel came near me and said that ”Wait your tiny halo” Now I can feel the freedom.

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