Overpopulated Country

   Overpopulation is a situation in which human population rises too much in a certain place. Overpopulation is growing at a very fast rate in the whole world. This can have many negative effects on environment and on welfare level of the people and countries.

   Population growth has a direct impact on the living standards of the people. When a country is overpopulated, this can lead to unemployment. Creating job opportunities for the huge population is very difficult therefore poverty may also occur. The increasing population causes unequal distribution of income. The rise of unemployment will cause social problems and will potentially increase the crimes too. On the other hand, natural sources will not be sufficient to meet people’s need. While our natural resources are being exhausted so quickly, overpopulation will shorten this situation. When the sources are not enough, starvation and illnesses may occur. Overpopulation slows down the development of the countries. Governments cannot provide proper service to such a big population.
On the other hand, natural sources will be wasted and environment will be damaged by the huge population.

   We can summarize that overpopulation is caused by lack of education and family planning. Governments need to take precautions to control overpopulation.
They can create awareness about family planning and welfare because the development of the country depends on controlled population growth.

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