Overpopulation and Its Negative Effects

In the modern world, population has been increasing day by day. There are many factors of overpopulation. Technology is one of these factors. When the technology develops, they find solution to the diseases and people live longer. Overpopulation is one of the biggest problem of the world because natural resources are decreasing and it is getting more difficult to feed the people in the world. There are so many natural resources such as water, coal, soil, oil, natural gas, copper or helium which are very important for human lives. If they disappear, human beings will not survive.

Governments should find some alternative resources to survive. The most important resource is food and people can not live without food because it is their basic need. When the population increases, people cut the trees and can not grow plants because they want to build places for shelter. When the population increases, hunger becomes a more crucial problem. People die of hunger in African countries and also overpopulation gives damage to the environment and increases global warming which is the most important problem in the world. Also many diseases increase with overpopulation such as malaria, tuberculosis and dysentery. It becomes more difficult to protect people from diseases when the population is very high.  Another important result of overpopulation is the shortage of water which is very important because there is no life if we do not have water. Governmets must warn people to use water carefully and save it.

All these results of overpopulation causes negative effect on economy and countries have problems in meeting the needs of the people. When the population is high, there are not enough schools for children and many people can not get good education and there will not be any educated workers and this will make economy worse

In conclusion, there are many negative effects of overpopulation such as shortage of natural resources such as food, oil, air, water. These limited resources will damage the world and cause people’s death and lots of new diseases. If governments find solutions and new alternative resources, overpopulation will not be a problem.

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