Overpopulation and Underpopulation: The Problems The World Faces

Today the World and humanity faces a lot of threats. Overpopulation and underpopulation are among them. In that case, what are their good and bad aspects?

The whole World discusses overpopulation as it is a current worldwide issue and it is actually a serious problem that humanity faces. First, overpopulation is the situation that a country or a community has more population than ordinary. It affects the whole World. You can see that it is discussed on the news or in the articles for example.

Secondly, population growth increases the carbon-emission levels of the Earth very much. There are a lot of reasons for this. For example because of we are creatures that produce carbon dioxide, population growth increases the carbon-emission levels by the increases in the number of people. Another example: Due to population growth also the usage of tools or vehicles which produces carbon dioxide increases the carbon footprint. Scientists mention World population projected to reach 9.8 billion in 2050, and 11.2 billion in 2100. Today we already have a terrible problem named global warming and who can know what will happen in the future when the population increases more.

There might be some advantages of overpopulation. Increase in the number of people can increase the labor force, economical power unless the increase in the ratio doesn’t reflects to the increase in food supply or better health care.

Underpopulation is usually defined as a state in which a country’s population has declined too much to support its current economic system. Population decline can cause internal population pressures that then lead to secondary effects such as ethnic conflict, forced refugee flows, and hyper-nationalism. Think a little. What happens when a country loses it’s population in big numbers? Logically the economy system collapses with the country later. If you don’t have a community to regulate your economy, you can’t have an economy anyway. And if you don’t have an economy you cannot exist anymore.

Underpopulation can have dire consequences. Countries and governments may collapse, forced migration can occur, there can be contradiction among people…

On the other hand, whilst most of the people think underpopulation is completely a bad thing, it has positive aspects too. Decrease in population can increase the likelihood of people’s welfare level by means of decrease in the number of poor, bad, diseased people.

To conclude, overpopulation and underpopulation is seem as bad things generally and I also think as there are other problems like global warming it seems bad for humanity and the world.





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