Overpopulation Will End the World

Today, I will talk about overpopulation there is a positive side and negative side so lets start to discuss. Firstly, overpopulation create an negative effect on our world  like air polution. We can see our world can get dirty. Another example to negative side of the overpopulation is destroying animal habitat for build a new building and this is a very bad for our world because it change ecosystem.

Secondly, İt make all of the things price will increase and it start an economical problem. This make riot all over the country and people start to migrate another country so it will make another complexity. Natural source will be consuming very fast then people use the petrol,coal to produce a energy and it will make a very big air polution problem. People to spend more money to education and health sections so this decrease the country welfare level. The inflation level increae very fast and this start to economical problems too. Food consume increase very fast that thing leads people to farming. Municipal services became more difficult and people try to create a rebel to municipal these are the negative affect about negative affect of overpopulation. There is a housing shortage for country so that cause a rapid and unplanned urbanization occurs and this cause a welfare level decrease. We can also see savings decrease, consumption increases  so this caue a realy big food problem for our country. There is a also a positive effect of overpopulation. It contributes to the military strength of the country so the power of the country is more than other country. Competition in exports becomes easier with population growth. As the need is greater the production increases. These are the positive effect.

Finally, I thınk the overpopulation create a very big problem so we need to carefull about overpopulation and these all of the effect decrase the welfare level because there is a nothing a positive side of economical things. İf we don’t care the overpopulation our world gonna finish. We need to more carefull to our next generation.

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