Overpopulation is a phenomenon that occurs when a species population becomes larger than the carrying capacity of its environment. This is one of the world problems these days. More people cause more pollution. And more pollution means more dead world.

You see, as the population increases, the air pollution has increased too. So we can set a proportion accordingly. 2 days ago I thought to myself, how can fix our Earth? I mean we totally ruined it. There is trash every where, mucilage covered the whole Aegean Sea and the first fires both damaged the air and the land. It’s in a level that we can’t fix it (I guess). But I may be overthinking. Maybe there is still a chance(or even more than one). Well if there is such a thing like that someone should radiate it immediately. Anyways I hope this was useful (even though I just said some facts).And I’ll see you on my next blog. Bye!

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