Smart phone atached to hand


One day Emily was cooking. She was so bored. And she said, “Mom, can I play with my phone?” Her mom said, “Of course!” Emily ran to her room and picked the phone. She played Roblox. After 30 minutes, her dad called her and said, “Emily, can you help me fix the house?” And Emily said, “I will come but wait dad!” After 1 hour she didn’t come. And her dad couldn’t fix the house. Emily was still on the phone, still playing Roblox… After that her dad wanted to call an engineer. He tried to call an engineer but all engineers were sleeping! And her dad wanted to call Emily again and said, “Emily, come here pleaseee!” Emily said, “Wait a minute dad!” Her dad was sad because she was connected to her phone. And the house was destroyed. Emily was shocked. She asked, “Why is the house destroyed, dad?” And her dad said, “Because you said ‘wait a minute’ and i can’t fix the house.” Emily said, “I wish I hadn’t picked up that phone.”

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