Partnership In Humanity

Think of some problems ongoing currently throughout the world we live. Are they reversible, or is it too late to do something? In my opinion, we are late; but not too late to fix the current situation. After we decide that we could achieve some goals for a better world, a question appears: Is partnership essential to achieve the set of goals for the future of humanity?

Some of the severe and current problems in a global context are climate change, COVID-19 pandemic, immigration, gender and education inequalities, lack of public services, and etc. Let’s investigate the topic of ‘Global Climate Change’ more detailed because it is a global problem we hear very often. The scientists point out that the global climate change is caused mainly by humans.  The whole world is affected by the global climate change in different ways; such as floods, avalanches, draught, melting of glaciers in the North Pole. There have been actually several organizations, people, countries, governments, and non-governmental organizations agreed to take some actions about it, such as some government agreed to sign the Paris Agreement.  But why there has not any major change yet? I believe it is because even though governments signed the agreement, there are not completely complying with it.  Some countries still violate either the Paris Agreement or their governments’ regulations. As we observe all around the world, this vital issue cannot be gone by only working in small groups or accepting agreements that have validity in small areas or covering a small amount of people.


For example, if country A and country B sign and agree about cutting down greenhouse gases emitted from factories, this would only affect their countries. A few days ago, I read an article about how climate change affects 11 Pacific countries and what they are doing about it. They could only decline the emissions three percent on their own.  To achieve a goal in a global context, the countries have to work together. Partnership is a very major aspect in order to do something good for our world. For example, if we decided to decline the emissions and China of which 29 percent of the world’s emissions belong to does not want to participate, then maybe countries should not buy or import goods from China.  From the smallest to the biggest, we have to work together in this.

While achieving a goal for the future of humanity like Climate change, partnership is extremely important. Because we are doing it for the entire world we all live in. Now, stand up and find people that can help you to achieve a goal!

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