In 20th century, people were afraid of new inventions. If I had lived at that time, I would have reacted the same way.

Because think about it, you’re afraid of something you’ve never seen before, something you don’t know.

It is normal. They were afraid to use it and could not touch the sockets and electrical switches. I think that

if I was there, I was afraid too. It is something new and you haven’t seen it before. You don’t know how to use it,

I think everyone will be scared. But this is the case, so if something new were invented today, everyone would be

very excited and looking forward to trying it. Because we are much more advanced today, we are ahead in technology

compared to the past. No one would be afraid if a new invention were made, but since we were behind in the past,

no one knew what to do. Now phones, computers and more. That’s my idea about for this topic



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