Beaches which are in southern (for the countries which are at the north) is chosen so much by tourists, but museums are full of tourists too. So southern beaches, or to the museums and libraries all around the world.
I really love to learn new information’s, mostly from books. So, reading books in libraries, just fits me perfectly. But at the same time; I love swimming, I think it is a great hobby. And it can even be done by disabled people. It doesn’t give any scientific or historical information thought.
For some people, holiday is seeing different cultures. But for me, it mostly means having fun. I surely learn some of their culture but I didn’t go somewhere to learn their culture before.
I think both of them is perfect for me. But it is about the cleanness of that beaches water in the place I am going to go too. But if the sea is clean, I would definitely choose the southern beaches.
To sum up, I both love swimming and history. But the reason is relaxing for me to go to a holiday, that is the reason I prefer southern beaches too.

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