Laws are a set of rules regulated by the state, which everyone must comply with after they come into force and a sanction is imposed if not implemented. The common purpose of all these laws is to protect the integrity of the country and to establish peace both inside and outside the country. Almost all of the countries, even towns, have laws now. But it cannot be said that most people take them into account or obey them. There may be many reasons for this, but one of the biggest is that, unlike citizens, even the state does not take into account the law and mitigates the penalties.


If we think about this situation simply, it may seem like the easiest solution is to toughen the laws. However, it has pros as well as cons. Obstacles placed in front of people makes the things they want to achieve more attractive to them so as they want to achieve more they attract more.Taking away people’s rights or making their rights more severe causes them to think against the government and creates a rebellious state instead of making the country more peaceful. 


Peace does not come with violence. The two are opposite concepts. Peace is not achieved by violence or does not come from violence. It requires process and compromise. Violence is just hatred that results from disagreement. Violence doesn’t solve anything. There are other ways to achieve peace. Rather than tightening the content of the laws or aggravating the penalties, more fair and freer rules can be written rather than restricting people, because strict rules lead to injustice, tyranny and death of innocent people. If it is implemented, the unjust deaths of the innocent, the easy escape of the criminals from their actions and the bullying will be reduced in number, even if they are not completely resolved. 


But what if we can’t tighten the laws and make peace? Influencing some people with the solidification of the laws may reduce their crime rate, but apart from this positive effect, if the laws are not enacted and peace cannot be achieved, then on the contrary, it will turn into a country where crimes have taken over. In short, since the laws have been written with years of thought and experience, making changes and solidifying them easily can lead to big problems.


The laws should be written in a more understandable and concise manner instead of being long and complicated so that they can be implemented by the whole country and understood by everyone.“The best laws are those that are the least, the most concise, and the most general.” said Montaigne. It should not contain more than one rule in its content, it should have a content that includes a certain issue and focuses only on that subject. Otherwise, people may have different opinions and misunderstand the law. 


Laws are not something that can be changed without much thought and just throwing in an idea. Laws are factors that radically affect communities. They are rules that are determined by events that have happened over the years. Therefore, they should not be easily changed. If they are to be changed and made more rigid, of course, it is for the sake of peace, but how people will react to this should be considered and if it is likely to have a negative result, it should not be implemented.

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