Path You Choose

Olivia was a quiet girl. She wasn’t talk much to people unless it was necessary, only showing her feelings when she was with her close friend, Maggie. She stood up slowly when she heard the school bell. That was the last lesson for today. She went over to Maggie and asked if she wanted to do today’s homework together. In their last lesson, their teacher had been give the students a project. She didn’t really want to do her project homework, but she had to, so she had asked her only friend, Maggie, if she’d like to do the project together.Maggie thought for a while and reply Olivia with a positive answer before left the class. And she said that she will call Olivia later.

Olivia and Maggie have been friends since they were little.Their houses were next to each other and they always stayed in each other’s houses. Unlike Olivia, Maggie was full of life and a person who didn’t show how upset she was. But lately, Maggie was having problems with her father. She and her father had started to fight frequently, and things wasn’t usually go well. However, Maggie tried not to worry about it, she always smiled through her pain. No matter how hard Olivia tried to help her, she didn’t accept it. She always told Olivia that she was fine and nothing is wrong.

Later that evening, Olivia did not receive a call from Maggie. About five hours passed.Olivia was worried about her. Maggie’s phone kept ringing, but Maggie wouldn’t pick up. Finally Oliva decided to go to the detached house next door. That was Maggie’s house. Just as she was about to knock on the door, the sound of glass breaking came from inside. Olivia stumbled as Maggie’s scream whistled around. She had frightened, looked through the window of the house for see whats happening there. The window was showing the hall. The walls were covered with a red stain, including her friend lying on the floor. Olivia’s eyes widened in horror. Across to Maggie’s body was a man holding bloody knife. Oliva knew that face. That was Maggie’s father. Oliva couldn’t hold back her tears, she was shocked, wanted to vomit. Then suddenly they met eyes with Maggie’s father. She gasped and tried not to scream. The man was looking at Oliva with anger, Oliva started to run quickly towards the forest. She was running non-stop, while her hair coming into her eyes. She finally hide behind a tree to breathe. She couldn’t believe what had happened. She couldn’t believe what had happened to Maggie. After breathing for a while, just as she was about to walk away, a hand touched her shoulder. Oliva let out a shuddering breath. The last thing she saw was the red liquid covering her shirt. Tears slowly streamed down her cheek as the sharp blade cut through her skin like paper.

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