Paw Law

Many people says being a cat is very fastinating. Because they think cats have too many characteristics instead of them being naughty , couch potato and too many energy thats all they want. But there is big problem and that problems main reason is our inner voices. In their opinion we have no responsibilty for our life. We are always demonstrate our real emotions and our real characteristics but they think its just a game for them. That’s the arguement of the whole cats in the world!

First of all we have a responsibilities such as catching the mices which can lay hold of our owners house! that’s why we are always jumping all around the house. But in our owners opinion we are just playing but we are just developing our skills to catch the mices. The second disarguement is the regular sleep routine. In their perpective is we are sleeping randomly?! Every cat has own sleeping routine. Because our days are different from each other that is the main reason of this idea. The other idea is being an earlybird and being a nightowl. Cats can sleep wake up quickly. Because our ears can hear everykind of voice while we are in nap. For example in mornings we can awake easily when we are hear our owners footsteps. That is one of the best cat characteristic!

That is the summary of the our typical day and life. Do not understand us in wrong way please we love our owners but there are too many disarguements between us. Sometimes we want being a human. Because they have more capacity to make everything. Such as get education , travel around the country or world and too many things that we can’t count well. But there is a relationship between us; They are being a cat and we want to be a human.

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