Peace Is Not In Strict Rules

Why do we need laws? Should we have more strict laws? Does it change anything in a better way? First of all, what is law? Law is the system of rules which a community recognizes as regulating the actions of its members. When we talk about regulating a community, we should be aware that regulating does not require any kinds of strictness. Stricter laws cannot go further than just making it easy for people to get tired of them. 

If we examine as an example the parents who constantly introduce new and stricter rules to their children, the things caused by all these rules cannot go beyond that child’s trying to break the rules. Children who grow up in strict families but are aware of the rules of the other parents, tend to always run away from all those rules, lose respect for family, and of course ignore the rules. In fact, a community is similar to this child. Strict laws on strict laws only make society more brazen, more prone to crime. Because many people are aware that under these rules, they will get a penalty one way or the other sometime. Therefore, this may increase people’s propensity to commit crimes. People are always nervous and on edge because they will be punished for something. Which affects psychology in a horrible way, too. As I said, like a child who grows up in a strict family, the community will become immune to crime and ignore all the rules. Even if things do not go as I described, it is certain that a peaceful society will not emerge.

Strict rules can mean putting obstacles to some freedoms to some extent. Because, building an insurmountable wall on a law may mean prohibiting even criticism of that law, which may cause long term damages in a community’s management, operation, and all other units. For incidence; confiscating or restricting people’s freedom of entertainment in a country, trying to get people living in a community to dress, eat and drink according to certain rules, invites all these people to rebellion, not peace. 

It is acceptable as long as the rules do not restrict people’s freedoms. Rules, laws, are essential for a community to be peaceful and in order. However, strict laws should be the last option to create a peaceful society, since people who are deprived of their freedom and comfort can lead to greater crimes.


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