Peace With Bombs

In the World, many things can change the current operation of the world and one of the many things includes the bombs. Most of the people are scared and against nuclear bombs but removing all of them at all costs will maintain world peace?

There are currently eight billion people are living in this world and a quarter of the population has not faced or joined world wars. Actually, this is all thanks to the nuclear bombs. You can ask why holding such a powerful and dangerous thing that can wipe out the entire humanity will useful to us? The answer lies in the past. When we take a look at our near past, it can enlighten us more about this topic.

Approximately 74 years ago (in 1947) cold war just break out between the Soviet Union and the United States just after the end of world war 2. The main reason why both sides have not used any nuclear weapon is the drawbacks of the bomb not just only affect the opposite side, it affects the whole world. As a result of this, both sides have come to an agreement and this agreement has led to the birth of a new word called “Nuclear Peace”.

After all those years without wars. In my opinion, All countries should develop small atomic bombs but while developing small-sized nukes they also should narrow their effect. Another reason for developing small-sized nukes is to lean on something. In today’s world if you do not have something to blow up entire cities or countries then there is no need for you to speak.

Another topic that I should mention in order to understand these is achieving peace. It is a very complex thing. First of all, peace is not a thing that we all are thinking about. From the start of humanity up to today, wars are inevitable need for humans. This peace called concept is just here for the breaks after the wars in order to get ready for the next war.

To sum up, there is nothing much we can do as we look at the near post to maintain peace, but we can make this period last much longer by narrowing the size of the bomb. In this way, (which is more effective than other ways) we can extend the peace period. Hence all countries should prepare their atomic bombs ready to go.


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