Peace With Nature

    Earth and nature are home for all living things. Human beings are the ones who give the most damage to the nature. When we exclude humans, plants and animals live in harmony in the ecologic system.

   Humankind thinks and acts as if they are the owner of the earth and nature. They use all sources of the nature for their benefit and to increase their welfare. For instance they cut the forests but they do not plant new trees. As a result of urbanization they build roads, highways, buildings, factories but they do not protect the nature while doing so.
Especially after the Industrial Revolution, humans harm to the nature increased sharply. People built factories and these factories produced many types of dangerous chemical wastes. This created air and water pollution. On the other hand, this threatened lives of all living things including human itself. People started to use oil as the basic and major energy source. This increased the air pollution significantly. Together with some other factors this caused the depletion of ozone layer. Unfortunately human dependence on oil and similar energy sources continue and the threat is getting bigger.

   To sum up, humans think that nature has unlimited sources and nature must serve to the humankind. They use natural sources carelessly without thinking of the future. They forget that this will harm themselves at the end. We should not that, we have not inherited the Earth from our parents, we have borrowed it from our children. As Hubert Reeves said “We are at war with nature, if we win, we will lose.”


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