I think people always have good feelings kept in their heart and soul naturally, for example, think of a baby. A person who doesn’t know anything about living, and how thing work. A baby is pure, they don’t think bad. That’s why I think that people learn to be bad while they grow up. They start to figure out how to continue their lives, and they start to understand that in this world, sometimes life can be so unjust. That’s why they have to be selfish from time to time in this conditions. They have to do things that might hurt other people, even if they don’t want to. Of course it isn’t always something that is current all the time. Because some people might want to hurt living beings and are selfish themselves, for example they get rid of their desire for causing suffer from street animals, as a child. But mostly, I think children do what they see from their role models and do the same thing when they grow up, too. These role models are usually parents, or the people who raise them, or the people they see on the television. So, I can say that the people a child takes as a role model is really important on the child’s upcoming life and actions. But the main idea is that I think people are good and just naturally.

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