People Say Do Not Be Stressed

          We always say “ do not be stressed ” , because it is the way we learn and the way we are conditioning ourselves to do something in the “ best way “. Most of us grew with the idea of not stressing over something and the condition of completing something was that if you stress, you won’t be able to be successful in your life.


           In the background of our mind, stress is like the color of red which is negative or makes us feel bad like feeling nervous. When we stress in a daily case actually we are growing it inside us without realizing, because we even stress over stressing. As a typical example of it is the moment that students feel stressed in the exams. While they are in the exam they can struggle in a point and as a result of it they will feel it. At that moment they will start to think the rest of the exam will be like that, therefore they will be affected by that feeling and most probably the consequences won’t be that good as well.


          Sorry for saying that but we are on the wrong side by fighting with the stress. Unlike the whole world’s thoughts stress is not that bad actually it is even needed for the “ best “. We all need to feel stressed sometimes in life like the other negative feelings. Don’t we also say “ we need to be upset to realize the happiness.” , so this is the same with it.


           I remember there was a TEDx talk of Kelly McGonigal that i watched two years ago. She was talking about how to make stress our friend. After that i even started to love stress in some points. Because knowing how to manage the stress is the key point of life, than it will help you most of the time. Life is too short to tolerate the stress. Instead of this you can learn looking from a wide perspective by seeing the good aspects of negative things.

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