Some people are thinking about inventing atomic bombs that will affect a narrower area and ensure world peace. I think this is a very wrong idea. Why should we save the world by harming the world and people? We don’t have to hurt anyone. We don’t have to do it. Every person, no matter how bad it is, has the right to live. Nor should we harm the world we live on. But it’s also wrong for bad people to roam freely outside. Because they can damage a living or inanimate being at any time. We must punish them without hurting them and in accordance with their rights. In some cases, rights may be limited. But this should not affect our basic rights to life, health, and so on. So… Think about it; these atomic bombs affect not only bad people, but also innocent people. Let those who agree with this idea think, imagine that you are one of these innocent people. How do you feel? I don’t know what to say to those who are still thinking about blowing up innocent people. I can’t find any more words to say to them! There are not only innocent people and evil people there! Plants, bacteria, animals … You think they don’t matter as much as people do… He’s hurting them. Are you planning on blowing them up too? Don’t they have rights, even if it’s not in writing? THOSE WHO THINK THAT THEY ARE THE HERO OF THE WORLD BY BLOWING UP AND KILLING SO MANY LIVING THINGS CAN NEVER BE THE HERO BY KILLING THE MILLIONS, MAYBE BILLIONS OF INNOCENT LIVING THINGS THEY HAVE KILLED!

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