People Will Talk

Most people tend to care too much about what people think of them. And sadly we live in a world full of judgemental people who like to interfere in other people’s lives. So should we really live according to those judgemental people’s thoughts on the way that we should continue our lives?

We are obliged to spend our whole lives while being in contact with other people, and it is very natural for some of those other people to have opinions on us and our lives. Unfortunately, people have a penchant for caring about those thoughts way too much because it is in our nature or maybe it is how we are taught to be, either way, it is not something that can not be changed.

Personally, I do care a lot about what people think or say about me or my life in general. I don’t really know if it is because it is in my nature, what my parents taught me or what I saw around me while growing up. All that I know for sure is that it has been affecting me negatively all my life. It made me give up on some of the things that I love, stop dressing the way I like or stop cutting my hair the way I like, act the way I used to do, and even stop thinking the way I used to do. For instance; even though I used to like it a lot, I stopped wearing skirts for a while, when I was little,  just because some boy in middle school told me it was wrong to wear such short skirts. As another example, I didn’t like to talk about my feelings or cry in middle school because I believed that people would think that I was weak. Some of them probably would think that but, as I started to realize while growing up, what other people say or think about you does not define who you really are as a person. So why should it really matter?

Some people in your life and around you will always say and think things about you as long as you live. But it will never define you fully and it might actually make you stop being your real self. It lies in your power to not actually care about them and make the people around you lucky for getting to know the real you.



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