Perceived Art

A country’s level of education can be known by the way they perceive art. Considering education only with knowledge-based classes is nothing but being close-minded.

We spend most of our time in schools, which is an exquisite option for teaching arts. In Turkey, most students and parents see art as a useless activity. While parents should encourage they are child’s passion, they instead, drive them away from it for academic success. If a child is keen on music, acting, the art they should be allowed to develop their skills further. If they are lucky enough, they are sent to extra courses but they are still pressured to only do them as a hobby instead of their profession. To artists we should first of all change mindset. If a child expresses they are interest in arts, they should be appreciated and encouraged to do what they love. Some art classes are required for schools but students only see those classes as an opportunity to sleep, chat, or do nothing. Those classes should be enjoyable enough for students to participate in. Instead of drowning damn with unnecessary

 knowledge, we should show why are they important and enjoyable. Also forcing someone who has no interest in arts just makes that person hate them. If children are raised with that mindset they, later on, become well-educated individuals. We should encourage parents to acknowledge the fact that grades are not showing the value of the child. They measure and compare children due to their grades. Children should never be compared to each other. Since every child has different skills and abilities they should not be measured with something that they are not relevant to. Parents should be more focused on raising an individual who is talented and understanding. So, we should allow students to relax from all those knowledge-based classes and give them the time to show their talents and skills in a learning environment where they are encouraged. Schools should also provide after school activities where if the students wish so, they could stay after and spend their time enjoying their talent with enough materials. They should be sent to extra courses and find art enjoyable.

That is how the mindset of a well-educated country is developed. Not everything is math and lessons, people also need their own time to heal their souls with arts.

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