Perception of Beauty

Beauty. It is an issue that has been considered important for society not only today but since ancient times. Although the importance people attach to beauty has not changed, the perception of beauty has changed a lot over the years. In the 15th century, overweight women were portrayed as “ugly” today, matched the perception of beauty. So who determines the perception of beauty?


       People, especially on social media.

Nowadays people starve themselves to have the artificial bodies they see on social media.But they don’t know that there is no end to the perception of beauty.If you search, you can always find a flaw that doesn’t fit the “perception of beauty”.We are all the same when we fit to this perception of beauty.But isn’t it our differences that make us beautiful?Now we all want to fall into the same molds.In fact, most of the time society pushes people to be beautiful. Because unfortunately nowadays, especially teenagers can treat “beautiful” people more kindly.For example, when people see an overweight person, they say: “Look she is ugly” then they find people who are on a diet ridiculous.That’s why many people want to conform to the perception of beauty not because of themself, but because of social pressure.Well, if someone feels beautiful but does not fit the perception of beauty, then isn’t she beautiful?We must do it to be seen as beautiful by ourselves, not by others.If she feels beautiful when she looks in the mirror, she is beautiful. She doesn’t need approval from others.And it should be like that for everyone.In fact, the perception of beauty is inserted into the minds of children at a very young age.Blue-eyes, blonde fair-skinned ,skinny, “barbies”.Barbie dolls that match the perception of beauty exactly.Barbie is the one of the most popular toys.It’s natural for kids to want to be like Barbie or Ken when they grow up.


I don’t mean things that made for beauty nonsense.She can do whatever she wants on her body.But I just say she should do because of herself not for society. But under no circumstances does anyone have the right to judge someone for not conforming to their perception of beauty. Because the perception of beauty made up by people may not be beautiful for everyone.So don’t judge anyone by their appearance.

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