Perception Of Beauty

In our daily lifes we arw see many people. Thay are different from each other. Some of them can be so beaatiful for you but some can not. İt it seems like dificult couse may be yo see a person who cames you ugly but another peoples says that this person is so beatiful. So its shows that the perception of beauty has changed by person to person.

Nowadays the beauty perception is changed by social media. There are many different people who uses the social media. So we can see that not evertyhing is beauty. So the peoples can consantrate to other beautys. Also thay can see the beauty perception in other perspectives.

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The beauty perception is affects our daly lifes too. Many of people understand that the beauty is not everything. İf they are love someone fot his or her beauty now tgay can just understand that that is not enough. The perception of beauty affects people. So social media is trying to change it.

It was though that people whith blond hair and blue eyes mached the perception of beauty. But social media is cahanging that now. Showing people who are very different from each other and showing people that not only nlue eyed and blond haired people can be beatiful but also other people.

Beauty and Perception | Be You

Athough its a difficult to break the perception of beauty that has comes to this day social media helps this. Also its a difficult todestroy peoples thoughts this perception is gradually breaking down.

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