Perception of Beauty

Beauty is a perception that can change for everyone. Nowadays, the number of people who use social media frequently has increased, and with this increase, new ideas have emerged. These new ideas began to spread more and more. With the ideas spread, people soon change their minds and become slaves of popular culture ideas. Do you think that new perceptions can negatively affect people, especially teenagers?

On social media, people have identified a certain face (small nose, big eyes, thick lips…) and only people with that type of face are considered beautiful. People who do not have such characteristics can often be bullied and left alone both on social media and in their social lives. Except for facial features, people plan to drop a certain weight. If their current weight does not match with the beauty standarts in social media, they trying to lose weight as soon as possible they can do with diets that endanger their health. Due to unnecessary perceptions created on social media, people’s self confidince is broken, they wear themselves out by looking at their physical appereance, their social lives can be disband and also their health may progress negatively and etc.

People should not be judged unnecessarily and their inner self confidince should not be broken because of social media. There is no particular way to be beautiful. For example, a sunflower is beautiful like a cactus, amethyst is beautiful as a pebble. No one should be classified by their beauty degree according to social media statistics. Beauty changes according to a person’s mentality. So even if a person is not beautiful for someone, beeauty looks at a people’s soul. Even if a person does not look pretty to most people, their appearance can not be judged. People’s tastes should not be made fun of.

Beauty is not something that can be determined by social media. A person’s self confidence and self respect should not be destroyed by the new ideas people form. In my opinion, beauty standarts should dissapear from people’s lives as soon as possible.

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